Daniel Tsadok



New York University, Interactive Telecommunications Program
Masters in Professional Studies, May 2011

The Cooper Union, Albert Nerken School of Engineering
Bachelors of Science in Engineering, December 2001


ThoughtWorks, Inc
March 2014-June 2016

Client: Startup Non-Profit
Role: Developer

Developing and launching custom responsive website, including content management, donation, and social media integration features for new non-profit, using Agile methodology, including weekly client showcases and strategy meetings. Developing with Continuous Integration (CI), including a full suite of unit and functional tests, written using a TDD approach, run on each push, and using feature toggles to simplify the deployment process. Provisioning multiple environments, including QA and staging environments, and developing a deployment pipeline to each environment. Onboarding new developers to project.

Client: Educational Technology Company
Role: Developer

Technical assessment. Providing technical and strategic analysis and recommendations for products, development processes and practices. Static analysis of and reporting on multiple code bases in different languages maintained by different teams. Participating in interviews with product owners and development teams, both in person and remotely.

Client: Department Store
Role: Quality Analyst

Writing, and training developers to write, automated tests using existing in-house, domain-specific automation framework. Updating QA environment to support CI for legacy code base, including developing a continuous deployment (CD) pipeline for internal simulators for third-party services. Working with manual QA testers to determine scope and appropriateness of automated tests, and sharing the results of existing tests with the QA team on a weekly basis. Working with the QA Automation team to coordinate efforts to improve test coverage across products and initiatives. Developing a CD pipeline for a living style guide created and managed by the design team.

base2traders ™
Founder, Developer
Online fantasy investment club software geared towards beginners. Implemented in Ruby on Rails and BackboneJS, using PostgreSQL, Redis, and ElasticSearch data stores, and provisioning using Ansible.

Founder, Developer
Online commenting platform where users can log in with their Google, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or reddit accounts to comment on any YouTube video. Implemented in Ruby on Rails, using oAuth for authentication, with a Javascript bookmarklet to activate site from YouTube.

Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University
Web Developer
In charge of developing web-based software for the Courant Institute, the Mathematics department, and the Computer Science department (cims.nyu.edu, cs.nyu.edu, and math.nyu.edu, respectively). Setting up, managing, and deploying software to production servers, production servers, and writing automated monitoring and backup scripts. Recruiting, interviewing, and supervising students for webmaster positions. Working with faculty committee overseeing website redesign(s). Also in rotation for monitoring critical server and assisting with technical support for faculty, administrators, staff, and students.


Black Girls Code
July 24-26, 2015

Project Humanity Hackathon. Working with two other mentors to guide four girls through the process of conceiving, refining, designing, mocking up, and presenting a mobile application to judges over two days.


PI Arts Center
Spring 2016

Introduction to web design with HTML and CSS, emphasizing best practices in writing and organizing code and assets for semantically correct websites.

New York University, Computer Science Department
Adjunct Instructor
Fall 2010

Computers in Principle & Practice: Undergraduate survey course covering Photoshop, InDesign, digital sound, basic command-line UNIX (file operations, permissions, and SSH), HTML, CSS, Dreamweaver, and basic interactive design with Flash with approximately 35 students.

Instructor, Drive-By Seminars (student-led and organized)
New York University, Interactive Telecommunications Program


Guest Lecturer, Building Responsive Websites
New York University, Computer Science Department
January 30, 2013

An overview of the architecture of the Computer Science department website for masters students.

Masters Thesis Presentation, Virtual Vivarium New York University, Interactive Telecommunications Program May 13, 2011

A presention of my thesis project, "Virtual Vivarium", to students and faculty. Project description is below.



June 2015

Aurora Project. Developing, with team, a custom laser art projection to be projected on the Aurora Borealis in the Arctic Circle in June 2016. Implemented in OpenFrameworks.

Creator, Developer danieltsadok.net
September 2011

Personal homepage implemented with Javascript port of Box2D physics library, with physics-based animation applied to the CSS properties of regular DOM elements.

Take It Apart, by Nehedar
November 2011

Music Video.


Software Development:
MVC (Rails 10+ years), UI Development, Database Design, Automation Testing, DevOps, SSL

Programming Languages
Ruby, Javascript, Java, Go, PHP, C/C++, SQL, Bash (shell)


Hobbies: Guitar, Piano, DJ, Cinema


Available on request